About Me

Ever since my uncle gave me a camera at the age of ten, I have been fascinated by photography. So much so that I always carry a camera wherever I go, because I never want to miss the perfect shot.
It’s the same when I’m working – there’s something deeply satisfying in going beyond the client’s expectations to capture the image that tells their story, or brings their audience closer to their brand.
Thanks to social media, having great images has never been more important for those in business – they can make or break a website or marketing campaign. Images show potential customers and new clients who we are; they help us to sell more products or services, they help us to explain and to connect.
My home and office are on the edge of the New Forest, and my workplace is wherever I’m asked to go – I have worked with Southampton University, Eastleigh Council, Calshot Activities Centre, Wessex Academic Health Science Network and many more.
If you need high-quality images taken by someone who has taken the time to understand your business or your brand, please get in touch.
Oliver (Olly) Lane